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The East Malling Fair - Let's Get You Connected!

Each month we set up a Facebook Event, there is a Facebook Group where exhibitors for the south-east events, as well as regular exhibitors, can communicate.

We do a lot behind the scenes to promote not only the event itself but YOU at the event.  If you join, in your exposure will increase not just for this time, but as your business moves forward.

You will be getting a form to fill in which asks you to fill in your information for marketing, such as Facebook and Twitter, what you're offering etc.  Even if you have filled this in before please complete it again.  You may be offering something new for the month and also, I need to have all of the details together for each fair - we do a lot of marketing of you and the event and I always aim to keep the exhibitor prices as low as possible, which means I need to keep our admin costs down.  It's a partnership to help get visitors in the door.


Facebook Event

Here is a link to the Facebook Event. There are 3 things you can do after you have clicked through on the link below...

  1. Say you are going
  2. Post into the discussion that you will be there, what you will be doing, and include pictures of you, your products and/or services. If you have a Facebook Page, then include that as well so that people can easily find you.  This is your chance to showcase what you do.
  3. Invite your Facebook Friends along to the event.


Facebook GROUP

Here is a link to the Facebook GROUP. This is where you will find messages from me keeping you updated on what is happening, the info you can use and other bits and pieces.

  1. You can only join the Group from your Facebook Personal Profile - Facebook Doesn't allow Business Pages into Groups.
  2. The link to the Group is below, so please head over and ask to join.  I will then approve you and add you in.
  3. If for whatever reason this doesn't happen you can connect with me personally on Facebook and send me a message that way; you can email me at or call me on 07951 168863.


Facebook Profile

Please send me a friend request using the link below.