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Visit A Psychic, Health And Beauty Or Hand Made And Pamper Fair in Kent

Welcome to the fairs and here's a little bit of information about them.

Psychic Health And Beauty FairThe Psychic Health And Beauty Fairs run every month, currently at Hoo, Medway and East Malling, Maidstone, Kent.

The entrance is £2.50 and that includes a free hot drink.  Half price entry tickets are available but do look at our concessions:

Everyone with a Medical Exemption Certificate, Registered Disabled, Under 17 or who would like to use the Healing Book can come in without charge.

Also, if you really feel you can't afford the entrance, just have a quiet word on the door, and no questions asked.

The Psychic Health and Beauty Fairs have a cafe, fresh coffee, light snacks and cakes.

The healing area has a book and some Teddy Bears to help children feel comfortable using it and many of the entries are by children.  Our healers see the book after the event and send healing to anyone mentioned.

We also keep some spiritual and general interest books in the cafe area which for you to dip into and you are welcome to spend the day in the cafe.

The usual attractions will be Readers, Beauticians, Massage Therapists, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Cosmetics, Health experts, Hypnotherapy, and beauty, spiritual gifts.

Hand Made And Pamper FairThe Hand Made And Pamper Fairs

These fairs run quarterly and also include crafters and artists.  There may be a cafe on site, but we don't run it.

There is no charge for anyone to enter and there is a full range of gifts, treatments, crafters, artists and cosmetics.

Visiting The Fairs

You can just turn up on the door, but if you want to get a half-price ticket (for charged events) or just get a ticket so you have a reminder, please visit our event calendar below.


You can find, click through and book a ticket on the Calendar below.