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Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions:
1.  All stallholders agree to remain until the event closes – usually 4 pm for daytime events and 9 pm for evening events – but please check individual event details.

2. Any electrical equipment you bring with you shall be PAT tested

3. Each exhibitor is responsible for their stand, table and area – please ensure the area is kept free from trip hazards and the stand is created in such as way as to not pose a risk to other exhibitors or visitors. 

4. If you arrive with goods and services other than those which you have included on the form (which will be sent to you afterwards), you may not be allowed to sell them.

5. We reserve the right to not refund your stand space if you cancel before the event or fail to turn up on the day. 

6. If you need to send someone else in your place, you must discuss this before the event otherwise your replacement may not be allowed to exhibit instead of you.

7. If we cancel the event or your exhibition space, compensation is restricted to a refund of the cost of your stand.

8. You must be fully insured and qualified for all activities – even free tasters.

9. You will provide a table covering

10. The dress code for therapists and beauticians is a uniform/tunic or matching cotton T shirts or fleece with cotton trousers or skirt. No Jeans or knitwear.