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Keren Booking Information

Hi Keren

Further to our chat, I have you booked for the Longfield event on Sunday October 27th.

Your booking is for:

Exhibition Details: Small Table
Cost: £10
Broad exhibition category: Health and Beauty Retail
Specific Details: Candles and Wax Melts

If this is not correct, please contact me and tell me.

You need to make payment for your space, as follows using BACS. If you need to pay by card, please contact me.

BACS Details

Bank Payment Stormchasers Events/Sian Murphy – Santander Bank/Sort Code: 09-01-27 Account Number: 89129180
Please put the reference as the Venue Code (EM, MED, LF), Month (Jan, etc) + Your Name or initials depending on how much room you have – so a typical reference for East Malling would look like: EM/feb/JaneWest

Promoting You

Next, we would like to collect some details about you and what you do so that we can promote what you are doing. Please click through and fill in as much of this form as you can as this helps me to promote what you do at the fair. If you click on the link below it will take you through to an online form for you to fill out as much as you can.

Please Fill In Your Details Here

Promoting The Event

The half-price ticket and flyer is at the bottom of this email to this email and you can pass it on to anyone you think might be interested or a client if you have pre-booked a session for them.

You should be able to click and download the images from your phone and save to your photos.

From your computer, you should be able to right click and then Save Image.

Event Details

You will receive a reminder email about a week before the event and another one a day or so before.

We sell fresh filter coffee, tea, cakes and cheese rolls and fruit. Hot drinks are half price for exhibitors.

Please bring helpers with you, the more the merrier but be aware that if you are offering treatments or consultatio, that sitting with your friend or partner gives the impression that you are busy and is very off-putting for potential clients.

Please ensure you bring a table covering.

You can bring your own table as long as it is in good condition. We will provide you with tables and chairs for you, your helpers and for clients to sit with you – but that doesn’t include specialist treatment chairs or tables.

Insurance and Qualifications

You don’t need to send me your certificates, however, it is part of the Terms and Conditions that you are fully insured and qualified to trade, have the required licenses, exemptions or registrations.

You will be asked to sign a form confirming this on the day.

Venue Details

Longfield Academy, Main Road, Longfield, DA3 7PH: Doors open 10am – 3 pm. We can start setting you up at about 9am.

There is ample free parking. You come into the main car park and head to the left and drive in through the black gates with the tennis courts and field behind them. This leaves the public car park and the front of the building free for visitors. You enter the building from the side entrance which is the closest the the parking area and you can’t see it until you drive through the black gates.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and both of my telephone numbers are below.

We look forward to welcoming you to the fairs and I hope this all makes sense – if not, just yell and my telephone number is 07951 168863

Sian xx

Terms and Conditions

When you make the payment you are also accepting the booking Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions Exhibitors
1. All exhibitors agree to remain until the event closes – usually 4 pm for daytime events and 9 pm for evening events – but please check individual event details.

2. Any electrical equipment you bring with you shall be PAT tested

3. Each exhibitor is responsible for their stand, table and area – please ensure the area is kept free from trip hazards and the stand is created in such a way as to not pose a risk to other exhibitors or visitors.

4. If you arrive with goods and services other than those which are included above, you may not be allowed to sell them. If you want to do something different from what is included in the booking details above, please reply to this email.

5. We reserve the right not to refund the payment for your space if you cancel before the event or fail to turn up on the day. This includes incidences of bad weather.

6. If you need to send someone else in your place, you must discuss this before the event otherwise your replacement may not be allowed to exhibit it instead of you.

7. If we cancel the event or your exhibition space, compensation will be restricted to a refund of the cost of your stand.

8. You must be fully insured and qualified for all activities – even free tasters. You must also have Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of 1Million pounds.

9. You will provide a table covering

10. No naked flames or incense burning is permitted.

11. We really love to help exhibitors who have children and cannot find childcare. You are welcome to bring youngsters, however, the fair is not child-friendly. We don’t provide activities for children and as many of our visitors are having readings, using the healing zone or having a massage or other treatment, crying babies and children making noise can interrupt the experience. Plus, many of our visitors have visited to get space away from their friends and family. Therefore, as much as we wish to accommodate you, if children are causing a health and safety problem, or disrupting the environment, even if they are well behaved, then we will ask you to take them outside.

12. If you make your own cosmetics they must comply with the EU Cosmetics Regulations or any other relevant regulation.

Terms and Conditions for Providing Treatments on the Day

13. The dress code for therapists and beauticians is a uniform/tunic or matching cotton T-shirt or fleece with cotton trousers or skirt. No blue jeans or knitwear.

14. Before starting any treatment or activity you will carry out a pre-treatment questionnaire, and get a signed disclaimer which includes any contraindications, plus any other requirements required by legislation, official Guidance or guidance from your insurer or professional organisation. All records must be kept for the recommended period of time.

15. You are booked in to the event to offer a specific treatment on the day, and that is detailed above. This applies even if you are able to offer a wider range.

For the purposes of new clients making enquiries for treatment on the day, you can only offer the treatments you are booked into this event for unless there is no other therapist doing that on the day. There are 3 exceptions to this:

a) you have pre-booked a client yourself
b) a client you have previously seen wants a treatment
c) whilst you are doing one treatment on a new client they decide to extend it and add another one in.

As an example, you are booked in to offer Reflexology. You are also qualified to do Massage and Reiki Healing (and you have a promotional banner which includes these as part of your business promotion) but there are therapists at the event who have been booked to provide these treatments.

If someone asked for Reiki, and they have not been your client before, you will refer them to the other therapist.

Terms and Conditions For Hiring Workshop Space:

The above conditions also apply…these apply when you are hiring out the workshop space.

When you do this, you are hiring the space to use for your own purposes, you will book people onto the workshop, deliver the content and arrange payment of fees for the workshop. Your attendees can come into the fair without paying the entrance.

1. You must have suitable insurance and qualifications (if relevant) to hold the workshop safely. This includes Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of £1 Million.

2. You will be asked to submit a simple risk assessment prior to the event and help can be given with this.

3. Before your workshop starts you will tell your attendees about any health and safety considerations including fire exits.

4. You will leave the workshop room and the surrounding area clean, tidy and in the same layout as you found it. The room has seating for 30 with 2 people at a desk. You may move the furniture around but it must be returned to its original position before you leave.

5. Access and egress is between 8am and 5 pm and you must be out of the car park by 5pm.

6. No food or drinks are to be taken into the carpeted breakout area and the cleaning costs for any spillages as a result of your activities may be charged to you.

7. All electrical equipment must be PAT tested.

8. No naked flames or incense burning is permitted.

Now that’s the tricky stuff out of the way – we very much look forward to welcoming you to the event!

All Venue Details

2nd Sunday Month East Malling Centre, Chapman Way, East Malling ME19 6SD Doors open 10.30 am-4pm. We start setting you up at 9.30. Parking is nose to tail – so move your car if you have someone who needs to get it out before 4 pm

3rd Sunday Month Strood Academy Carnation Road, Rochester ME2 2SX: Doors open 10am-3pm. 9am, there is free parking at the premises and we much be out of the building and the car park by 5pm

4th Sunday Month Longfield Academy, Main Road, Longfield DA3 7PH. Doors open 10am – 3pm. There is free parking at the venue. We MUST leave the venue, including the car park by 5pm. You must tell me if this is going to be a problem and we will sort something out with you.

See you soon

Sian x

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