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Weekly Accountability Group

Special group to help you set goals, achieve what you want and stay motivated in these strange days.

The weekly accountability group will ‘meet’ online every Friday at 4 pm whilst we are locked down.  

This group is for you if…

  • You feel that time is slipping away and you’re not getting things done that you planned?
  • Are you a Key Worker and so have very limited time to keep your business ticking over?
  • You find yourself at home with loads of time, but you’re getting frustrated because you’re just not achieving what you thought you would?
  • Perhaps you feel like you’re wading through treacle?
  • You’ve got time, but no-one to bounce ideas off?

What will we do in each meeting?

  • Explore what you want to achieve in the long term
  • Consider what you can and want to get done in the coming month
  • Set definite goals for the coming week to get you closer to your end result
  • Get a plan in place for how you will get the tasks done

You’ll come away with a written plan of action with clear tasks ready for action!

If you would like to make a donation you can buy us a cup of coffee through our donation page – but the important thing is you get the training and support you need at this tricky time

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Jul 02 2022

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