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Running A Psychic Health And Beauty Fair Every Month - Call 01634 566321

Psychic Health and Beauty Fairs and Workplace Pampering

Hand Made and Pamper Fair

Below is a taste of the types of activities we usually have available.

Psychic Health And Beauty Fair Readers

Mediums & Tarot Readers

All readers are fully insured, qualified and have fantastic feedback. Many work internationally and each has their own special way of connecting and helping you.

Psychic Health And Beauty Fair Kent Foot Massage

Treatments and Treats

Perhaps you just fancy a massage or want help with a particular issue.

Our therapists regularly include Reflexology, Aromatherapists and Medical Massage

Psychic Health And Beauty Fair Kent Blue Lips

Makeup, Makovers & Cosmetics

Anti-aging lotions, potions, cosmetics, massage oils, makeup and bath treats to explore.  If you fancy a new look, our exhibitors often do mini-makeovers.

Psychic Health And Beauty Fair Kent Purple Healing Zone

Healing Zone

Do you, or does someone you know, need a healing hug? Write your message and wishes in our healing book and maybe spend a few private moments sending love.  Many of our exhibitors are healers and spend time sending healing love and light to everyone in the healing book.

Psychic Health And Beauty Fair Kent cafe

Cafe And Spiritual Books

We serve real, freshly brewed coffee and have comfy chairs.  You can stay all day and we have a selection of spiritual, cookery and general interest books for you to read.  Or maybe you want to just chat or sit quietly having some time to yourself.  It's up to you.

Psychic Health And Beauty Fair Kent Gifts and Treats

Unique Gifts and Special Treats

Each month there is a range of hand made quality gifts by specialist designers and crafters. Jewellery, Bath Treats, Candles, Cakes, Crystals, Cards and other gifts.  All bring that little something extra you can't get in the large shops.

What Visitors Say...

I come here once every 3 months.  I love this event. So many different range of stalls.  I love my psychic readings and, love the different bits you can buy.  I do like Reiki, so I hope it's on next time I come? And the massage lady with Feet and back was amazing.  I walked away very relaxed.  Please keep these events going I love them. - A. Thallia

Thank you so much for a pleasant way to spend a Sunday

- C Lehnam

Nice food!  My first ever session of Reiki!. It will not be my last. 

Had a brilliant day, ended up staying for a lot longer than we expected. Beauty Box, reflexology, Scentsy, Younique were fantastic. My mum had a reading which she also highly recommends. Will definitely come back. Cheese rolls were also very nice.

What Exhibitors Say...

The fairs that I have attended have been really exceptional. I have met some wonderful people, both other stallholders and visitors and we all benefit from the day. Visitors have a chance to relax, get their nails or hair done, buy some very unusual gifts, and maybe have a reading, or have healing or reflexology. All the stallholders work towards making the friendliest of environments. As a sole trader it gives me the opportunity to meet other independent traders and to expand my customer base while making friends a different often learning new things. Keara Hanson, Medium, Hypnotherapist, Gestalt Therapist

 Hi Sian, being a stall holder at your fayres have given me so much confidence to talk to people, they have such a well run and friendly atmosphere it is hard not to come away grounded and focused. I have made some dear friends with stall holders and customers. I started out thinking of my self as a (hobbyist) trying to make my passion pay for itself..I am proud to say I am a Business Owner..and I know you have helped me move forward. - Tracey Greeney, Founder 'I Have A Picture In My Head'.

These events help a lot of people is very well organised and people have great 
enjoyment in looking forward every month visiting meeting people from all walks of life it portrays a lifting energy the stall holders take great pride in what they sell and make their tables look amazing and I always hear visitors say that every stall is so interesting it's one of my favourite places to give spiritual readings and have made so many new friends and Sian and her husband work very hard to make the event very successful. - Anna Pearson, International Medium

Being part of a well-organised fair is the key for any new business and not only allows you to make new friends who are there to support and guide you to succeed, but also potential customers can see you in a friendly and safe environment. I have personally gained great confidence in that what I offer is what people want and need as they keep returning for more. - Jennifer Connolly, Reflexologist

Being able to work at these fairs has given me a platform to work from for my business. They have always been so well organised and welcoming. I have met so many lovely people as fellow stall holders and made some good friends. Today we spend so much time in our electronic worlds that these fairs produce a sense of community, not only for the people who work in them but also for the surrounding area of the venue, whereby people actually come in and talk to each other! If more of these fairs happened in most villages and towns maybe it would bring more people together again! I come from an area which sadly has gone very much downhill over the years. Just before Christmas myself and a few neighbours decided to organise a fair in our local Community Center to raise money for our local children’s park. What happened surprised us all- the fair was packed by all of the community, we raised quite a bit of money which was great! But the best thing that came out of it was that a community Facebook page was started as neighbours got to know each other! We all pass each other in the street now and say hello- people of all ages! We are now planning more events to make sure we keep our renewed sense of community and that is all from one fair! So being part of Sian’s events is a real honour because I get to see this happen in other communities! - Georgina Denton Golding, Clairvoyant Medium and Artist

I love Your fairs Sian Exceptionally well organised & advertised. Everyone there are always friendly chatty and genuinely interested in others. Not only do we get the chance to go talk to real people rather than sit behind computers phones etc but I've also noticed not everyone comes in to spend lots of money which is great. Obviously most walk around and often buy something but a couple I spoke to at the last fair came in for something to do. Walked round asked and looked at things for sale. Asked what I did and was genuinely interested in the different things readers did in terms of psychic tarot etc. They didn't have much money but enjoyed the atmosphere. They sat with coffee and cake soaking up the atmosphere. People watching as they called it and said they thought they would do that again and may build up the confidence to have a reading but what they loved was no one pushed them to anything. No one expected them to spend money and everyone took the time to talk to them and explain what things were. I don't think you can get a much better reputation than having people come in for no other reason but have a look. From a readers point of view, the atmosphere is brilliant. Were all interested in each other and I would have no hesitation in going to other locations for your fairs. - Kay Best, Clairvoyant Medium

Sian your events are magical I look forward to them so much. thank you. you always manage to bring lots of people in because everyone feels relaxed and everyone is so friendly. - Aileen Brown, Clairvoyant Medium and Author.

About Us

The Psychic Health and Beauty Fair comes under the umbrella of The Hand Made and Pamper Fair and is run by Sian Murphy and Mark Jennings.

Address: Dragon Co-Working, St George Hotel, 7-8 New Road Avenue, Chatham, Kent ME4 6BB

Phone: 01634 566321 or 07951 168863

Stormchasers Events Ltd

Company Number 11575929


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