Psychic Health And Beauty Fair Every Month at Hoo, Medway Kent - Call 07951 168863

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Thank you for registering for the Psychic Health & Beauty Fair in Hoo, The info below will be used to promote you and the event. Please provide as much detail as you can, none of this is compulsory what you include is up to you but the more information we have the more you will benefit from the marketing around the event.

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    You have already pre-booked and paid and we have filled in the booking form for you. Your place is secure and we just need a few more details from you. The form is two parts: Part 1 confirms you can be at the fair safely and legally. Part 2 is about you and what you offer - this helps us to promote you alongside the event.
  • We need to make sure that you understand that this information will only be used to help us determine you are legally able to be at the fair and to market you as an exhibitor at the Psychic Health & Beauty Fair, and that you may send me other information you think I will be interested in.
  • e.g. I am a massage therapist that specialises in sports injuries